Member Interview by Eric Dempsey

Miss Anne “Carebear” Ramundo Chapter 28002 Potter County Texas My last interview is with another newly vested lifetime member…Miss Anne “Carebear” Ramundo. (For our readers,I am the chapter President for chapter #28002. The reason for this explanation is because Carebear and Mayhem are members of my chapter). QNL: Good evening Carebear and how are you?Read more ⟶

Wichita County, Texas Chapter #28004

Hello everyone from the great stats of Texas. We are proud to announce that we have started a new chapter in Wichita county Texas. Our chapter number is 28004 and our officers are: President Steven Hunt Vice President Don Cheatheam Serge of Arms Levi Beasley Secretary Barbara Cheatheam Treasurer Jason Brogdon Our first event weRead more ⟶