3rd Lt Lucius Weaver Gash

Lt Gash was born on April 8, 1844 near Raleigh, NC. His early life consisted as many other men who served in the CSA, he farmed the land for his family. When the need came for men to take a stand Lucius Gash was 17 years old.

Lt Gash joined the 11th Regiment North Carolina Infantry on April 20th 1862. He enlisted for 3 years or for the war. He was promoted to 4th Corporal when elected by his men.

In June of 1863 Lt Gash found himself and many other men, sick and in the hospital. While he recovered from his sickness his unit continued to fight.

In September 1863 Corporal Nash was prompted to 4th Sargent and was given a squad size element of
men. During the battle of Gettysburg Sgt. Gash was wounded severely.

In January 1864 Sgt Gash was promoted to 3rd Lt and commanded a company size unit.

Lt Gash lead his men into Spotsylvania and it was here that 3rd Lt Gash was wounded and died from his wounds on 14 May 1864.

3 Lt. Gash lead his men from the first day he join the CSA in Raleigh, NC. Fighting his way to Gettysburg and back to Spotsylvania, Va.

Lt. Gash was laid to rest in the Confederate Cemetery in Spotslvania, Va.

3rd Lt Gash was a true Confederate Hero who lead his men proudly. His family missed him greatly after his death.

We the members of the CRA honor this great confederate hero by remembering him this Quarter and for many years to come.