Virginia Chapter #10002 Spotsylvania, VA

We are truly excited for this opportunity that has been given to us and cannot wait to see what the future has to hold. We look forward to seeing how we can help keep our Confederate History alive.

We came about wanting to start a chapter here in Virginia due to the most recent events going on today. Confederate history is going to be lost if we don’t try to educate and protect what is left.

Joey Evans had done some research and reached out to find out more that we could do to contribute to the community around us and still be able to share the true confederate meaning.

Talking with some others we knew were wanting to be a part of something a little more, wanting to preserve what we have left and knowing, that they were on board as well.

Currently there are 5 of us Joseph Evans being the President, Danny Bitner being our VP, Chris Williams being our Sergeant at Arms, Jorge Torres being our Treasurer and myself Rebecca Evans being Secretary.

Chapter 10002 in Spotsylvania, VA elects officers for the NEW Chapter.