Welcome to the first edition of The Quantrill Gazette. An all new newsletter just for the Confederate Riders of America Members.

As our group grows each month the need to share information, share events, learn about each other and much more came to the surface.

Our President Rick Cameron saw this need and after discussion with James Lovelace (President Chapter 16001) the plan was formed to put out a Quarterly newsletter to our members. As the plan grew over a two month period a decision was made to bring in one member from each chapter to share information between the chapters. Which gives us a far better system to draw from.

By sharing events we all know what is going on across the CRA Nation. We can draw from that to help other chapters learn about new ideals that work and those that don’t work.

James Lovelace was asked and selected to head up the newsletter. James has in the past produced newsletters for his SCV Camp and for the State of Tennessee Mech Cav. With over 5 years experience doing those newsletters monthly.

Each Quarter you will see a message from President Rick Cameron. You will also see a Constitution Page, History Page, Member Bio Page, Confederate Hero Page, Current Events Page and much more.

Ideals and articles from within our membership are always welcome. Please get with your chapter newsletter reporter and share them with that person or you may submit articles by going to “My Account“.

We may or may not use those articles in that quarter but we will try as space is available to do so.