Junior Riders

The CRA Junior Riders program was started shortly after the CRA formed in the fall of 2015 as an auxiliary program for youth ages 7-18.

We realized that our young people were not only interested in what the adults were doing and felt the same energy and passion for preserving their heritage, but also that it is incredibly important for America’s youth to understand the true history of the Confederates and the principles that our great nation was founded on.

Seeing the alarming decline of morals and ethics in today’s world, we decided that a key part of the program would be to give these young people who represent our organization a framework of education and expectations, complete with fair and firm consequences.

The education part of the program requires a Junior Rider to present a factual report a minimum of 6 times per year, starting one month after joining, and to attend field trips to battlefields and other educational opportunities as scheduled by their chapter.

Junior Riders Documents